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We have two locations, located in Union City & Grand Blanc. Servicing all of Lower Michigan.

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Siding Service for Steel/Metal Buildings (PEMBs)

Adding or replacing siding to your Commercial, Industrial, or Agricultural building(s) takes experience, skill, and close attention to detail. Fresh siding can do wonders to boost curb appeal, but only when a team of reliable professionals installs it.

You can trust Trident Construction Group LLC to give you the high-quality, long-lasting solutions you want. Our steel siding experts have years of experience and will install new or replace your old panels with ease and professionalism. For siding repair and installation, our skilled associates to get the job done right.

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Siding Services

Consultations for Siding Installation

While other siding companies may not take the time to understand your goals for the project, at Trident Construction Group LLC, we strive to do the most for our clients. We will consult with you about your vision and help guide you to the best choices for your property while keeping your budget and schedule in mind.

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals and the kinds of materials you are interested in using, we can put together a detailed estimate.

Siding Installation: The Options Are Endless

Each siding option has unique benefits and will achieve a different style. Let’s look at some options:

Steel Siding

Steel siding is durable,, and rust-resistant. It is also low maintenance comes in various thicknesses from 24ga to 28ga, many attractive colors, is heat resistant and can help lower energy bills. There many accents that can be

added to steel siding that adds to the appeal and astatic quality of your building. If functionality is your goal, simple siding replacement may be all you seek. If your wanting to boost the appearance, many accents and upgrades can be added to enhance the building appeal.

Wood is always an attractive option when used as a wainscot, a front entryway accent or perhaps the entire front or the building. You tell us the appearance you want, we make it happen.

Some of the options for accents other than wood:

*Fiber cement

*Masonry block or stone

*Faux finished

*And many others

Our Siding Professionals Care for Your Property

Commercial grade siding must be installed with care and precision for it to work well and look it’s best.

When the installation is careless, or siding is too tight or crooked, problems arise. Problems may include:

  • Leaking seams
  • Panel rippling
  • Panel buckling
  • Rusting
  • Bulging
  • Uneven and unsightly appearance

These issues may allow moisture and pests to infiltrate your structure leading to even larger, more expensive damages.

When installed correctly by a professional team like Trident Construction Group LLC, your siding will work to protect from weather and pests and will require little maintenance. And when you choose the perfect color scheme, it’ll look sharp for decades.

Our Siding Professionals Prioritize Customer Care

At Trident Construction Group LLC, we care about our customers. We want to make sure you are comfortable and happy. When it comes to investing in your steel structure, don’t settle for anything but the absolute best in the business. Our skill and expertise is unequalled!!

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Avoid the risk of incorrect installation by calling our trusted siding experts today. We take pride in not only taking great care of our customers but by bringing them high-quality results that will last for decades to come.

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